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Redefine your future and become a tech visionary.

Mabili journey milestones to career success

Our aptitude and personality assessments
help you discover your true potential and strengths, setting the foundation for a successful journey at Mabili.

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Engage in real-world learning through coursework and projects
where theory meets practice, and you gain practical skills that set you apart from others.

Benefit from expert mentorship,
where experienced professionals guide your path, share industry insights, and help shape your career.

Measure and enhance your skills through assessments that ensure you’re always on the cutting edge of your field.

Build a compelling portfolio of evidence showcasing your accomplishments, making you an attractive prospect in your chosen profession.

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Connect with employers,
opening doors to exciting career opportunities and ensuring your journey with Mabili leads to a successful destination.

Our programmes



Full Stack Developer

Duration: 6 Months
Hours:  350 hours of study material
Including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ChatGPT, and more



Cyber Security

Duration: 6 Months
Hours:  160 hours of study material
Including CompTIA A+, Network+, CySA+ and more



Data Science

Duration: 6 Months
Hours:  215 hours of study material
Including Machine learning, Python 3, R, Jupyter and more



Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 Months
Hours:  80 hours of study material
Including Marketing, SEO, Social media, PPC and more



Front End Web Developer

The Front End Web Developer course has been designed to teach you all the skills you need to create beautiful web pages.

Duration: 3 Months
Hours: 101 hours of study material
Including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wireframing and more



Python for Data Science

The Python programming course will take you through from how Python works to performing machine learning tasks in different environments.

Duration: 3 Months
Hours:  105 hours of study material
Video, Inline activities, and Supplementary resources

Our Individual courses



CompTIA A+ Core 1 and 2

Exam Preparation

Duration: 2 Months
Hours:  37 hours of study material
Video, Inline activities and Supplementary resources

Certification: A+ 220-1101/2



CompTIA Network+

Exam Preparation

Duration: 1 Month
Hours:  11 hours of study material
Including videos, full course and practice exam

Certification: Network+ N10-008



CompTIA Security+

Exam Preparation

Duration: 1 Month
Hours:  20 hours of study material
Including video, activities, supplementary resources

Certification: Security+ SYO-701

Skills infographic

Chronic ICT skills shortage in South Africa

South African organisations are falling into the continuous trap of recycling ICT skills – an error that is worsening the ICT skills dearth and strangling the country’s digital economy.

This is one of the key findings of software giant SAP Africa’s report, titled “Africa’s Tech Skills Scarcity Revealed”, released during a media briefing this morning at SAP’s Johannesburg offices.