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Male and female students with laptop celebrating

Fund a Student

Every day, we see young people completing our aptitude assessment but are unable to participate because they cannot afford to.
These young people are scoring in the 80th and 90th percentile.
This is remarkable as it means they have scored better than 79% of the 40 million people who have completed the assessment.

South Africa registered the highest unemployment rate in Africa in 2023, with around 35 percent of the country’s labor force being unemployed.
The youth of South Africa under the age of 24 have a unemployment rate of 59.6 percent.
10% of graduates and 40% of matriculants are unemployed.
The main cause of this was reported to be a lack of employable skills and information/guidance of the current job market.
Our mission is to right skill and evidence high aptitude young talent for employment!

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