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Invest in the future: Empower minds, transform lives.

Bursaries: Unlocking potential

Every day at Mabili, we witness the incredible potential of young individuals. However, many of these gifted youths face a heart-wrenching challenge – they are unable to pursue their dreams. These remarkable individuals consistently score in the 80th and 90th percentile, outperforming 79% of the 40 million test-takers.

In 2023, South Africa recorded the highest unemployment rate in Africa, with a staggering 35% of the workforce without jobs. For those under the age of 24, the situation is even bleaker, with an alarming 59.6% unemployment rate. Shockingly, 10% of graduates and 40% of matriculants find themselves unemployed.

The root cause? A lack of employable skills and insufficient information about the ever-evolving job market.

Our Mission: Bridging the gap

Our mission is clear – we are on a quest to bridge this gap. We aim to equip and empower high-aptitude young talent with the skills they need for gainful employment.