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The World Economic Forum predicts

  • 85 million jobs will disappear due to new technologies
  • 97 million different, digital first roles will be created
  • 50% of the work force will need to reskill

We connect high aptitude, skilled talent with global opportunity

Skills-based hiring has emerged as a progressive approach that prioritises an applicant’s abilities over conventional markers such as degrees and past job titles. This method is reshaping the recruitment landscape, offering a more inclusive, efficient, and future-proof way to find the right talent.

Our offerings

Are you looking to reskill/upskill?

We bridge the gap between education and industry demands. Our team of international authors and expert mentors ensures that every student receives top-tier guidance, equipping them with digital skills and preparedness for success.

Are you looking for a job/work opportunity?

We connect you with employers in South Africa and abroad. Your very own value proposition will be hosted in our systems for recruiters and potential employers to see. We help companies see the value in you!

Are you looking for talent?

Our cloud-hosted recruitment platform is designed to showcase each applicant’s aptitude, skill sets, and readiness for success, providing a powerful portfolio of evidence of their capabilities to prospective employers.

Our partners

Over 40 million assessments conducted worldwide.

CompTIA is the world’s most trusted certifying body of IT professionals.

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Curated learning resources by industry experts.

A diverse and effective way to evaluate candidate potential.

Our reviews

ludonga lukamavuso
ludonga lukamavuso
The people at Mabili have made the experience seamless for me. The mentor assinged to me is very helpful and very patient with me. Their model works well with me because I am currently employed and have to assign time for my studies,so when I do meet up with my mentor we go through the content and he guides me through it without really spoon feeding me, because at the end of the day I have to sit down and consume the content.
Stephen Murdoch (Scuba_654)
Stephen Murdoch (Scuba_654)
It has been a great experience thus far, from the start of the process of signing up and getting started with the actual course I have signed up for, it has been a very user friendly experience, and the support provided has been awesome and the course material has been easy to follow
Chris du toit
Chris du toit
The experience has been awesome. From visiting the website, to enrolling , to getting my courses and starting them. Loving the experience with Mabili. The support o get from Mabili is helpful and makes me want to do more courses with them when i finish the current one.